Are you having relationship problems?

Are you feeling anxious and depressed?

Are you feeling stressed and just not coping very well?

Many of us experience times when we suffer from distressing events, worries or anxieties which stop us from leading contented lives. We become tense or feel ‘down’ for some of the time and may find it hard to see our way out of a cycle of problems.

Jane Miller at Therapy East Midlands offers you a safe confidential, non-judgemental environment where you can talk about what is troubling you.

Jane offers Brief Solution Focused Therapy, which is from 4 sessions and up to 12 sessions.  For some issues longer term work may be more appropriate and this would be discussed in the intital session and an agreement made between Jane and the client.

Jane Miller

Help with stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, relationship problems and many other conditions.